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For immigrants facing today's complicated immigration requirements, the difference between a new life and the old one can often be a mere legal technicality. For that reason, clients and their families throughout the Chicagoland area and, indeed, the country, confidently rely on our firm for answers to their most pressing immigration questions.


In answering these questions, Marsal-Avila Law Group brings more than 40 years combined legal experience to bear on every immigration matter it handles. 

Immigration law poses a complex maze of legal requirements in part because it continues to be a rapidly changing area of law. For that reason, we provide clients with the most up-to-date immigration law guidance available.

In doing so, our entire teams stands committed to the needs of the clients. We deliver our legal services in a personalized, one-to-one manner. Because we know our clients and they know us, we can better tailor our legal advice to the specific circumstances of each client's situation. Ultimately, our law practice is about helping you start the new phase of life. 



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